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OTTMIX is the Linear Programming multi-product blending optimiser that minimises the finished product’s quality giveaway.

This tool enables the preparation of the best blending recipe for finished products on a day-by-day or week-by-week basis, according to the qualities of available streams, market prices and operative constraints.ùù

In mere seconds, the software calculates the best way to produce LPG, Gasoline, Distillates and Fuel Oils from intermediate refinery stocks, accounting for:

  • Market prices

  • Inventories quality & volume

  • Product specifications

  • Production targets

Accurate modelling of blending operation is important: poor prediction of mixture properties can profoundly affect profitability.

Even if each property is natively calculated by applying well-proven blending rules (including linearisation indexes and volume factors when required), the system enables the application of the user’s blending formulas.

Blending constraints are set on quality specifications (any calculable property can be considered) and product composition, and it is straightforward to formalise the blending problem.

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