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Efficient process optimization and design for sustainable operations. Achieving operational excellence through cost-effective modifications and innovative solutions.

The design of process modifications of existing units to reach new operational targets (capacity improvement, product quality), minimising capital expense and re-utilising existing structures.

The process scheme is examined with pinch analysis and thermodynamic simulation to highlight the best trade-off between energy consumption, investment cost and processing performance.

The optimal plant scheme is then further processed with the production of the process design specifications required to proceed with the feed and detailed engineering phases.

Typically we provide a process book containing:

  • Scope of work.

  • Design basis.

  • Study Findings.

  • PFDs with new equipment and lines.

  • Specifications of new lines.

  • Specifications of new or modified equipment.

  • Equipment operating conditions.

  • Heat and Material Balances & Streams Quality.

  • Utility production and consumption.

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