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PROLAV offers a comprehensive and sophisticated model that simulates processing a sequence of crude oil tanks feeding refinery plants.

A user-friendly interface (representing the characteristic operational flexibility of the processing scheme) simplifies the accurate scheduling of day-by-day refinery operations.

The tool combines the feedstock information and the fine-tunable correlations of the Plant Simulation Models to calculate the processing of each batch of crude oil to produce the following information:

  • Refinery intermediates yields and quality

  • Heat and Material Balance

  • Fuels, Hydrogen and Utility Balances

  • Intermediate and finished products inventories

  • Operative instructions for Plant Operation

  • Relevant KPIs target values

  • Actual vs Target operation comparison

  • Analysis of Energy Performance

  • Prediction of finished product yields

The simulation baseline (inventories and quality at the beginning of the simulation period) is automatically retrieved from the corporate information platform.

The tool can connect with other Prometheus tools like PRORAF and SIMRAF to retrieve the quality of crude batches or the optimal operative conditions for the scheduled period.

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