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Studies aimed to improve the refinery’s energy footprint.

Oil refining is an energy-intensive industry which historically has not been conceived to minimise energy consumption. The first step of industry decarbonisation is minimising consumption, which can only be achieved through the rigorous analysis of the refinery heat balance.

Our approach starts with the breakdown of the current operation to benchmark the energy baseline and highlight the most promising intervention areas.

For each area, we define a list of improvement projects (including those suggested by the technical service), quantifying the improvement potential and the associated investment. 

Typical intervention areas are:

  • Fuels optimisation.

  • Heat transfer networks.

  • Heaters efficiency.

  • Utilities and fuels balances.

  • Flaring reduction.

  • Steam & power production.

  • Emissions control.

The study’s outcome is the best roadmap to minimise energy consumption, including investment estimation and expected economic returns.

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