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Prometheus DSS

Unlock the potential of your refinery operations with cutting-edge software solutions designed for effective management of your operations.

Prometheus Decision Support System (DSS) is a software suite that supports refinery management decisions in short, medium and long-term planning activities.

The software models the entire downstream supply chain, from crude oil characterisation to finished product blending, including logistics and plant operation.

Developed by Refinery experts, the DSS applications are flexible and user-friendly. Conceived to meet practical refinery people requirements, they only require the awareness of the modelled problem.In contrast, the operational research fundamentals necessary to solve the optimisation problems are delegated to the software.

Each application has a particular task and is fully compatible with the others, using the same crude oil database, blending calculation rules and plant calculation models.

DSS combines consolidated technologies like Linear Programming Techniques, Property Blending Methods and proprietary Plant Simulation technology.

DSS applications empower users with the comprehensive experience Prometheus has gained in decades committed to optimising the oil downstream sector.

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