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Prometheus optimizes refinery efficiency through analysis and software, improving profitability with minimal impact.

The globalised world requires more and more energy: the fight against climate change is geared towards natural gas and renewable energies, but due to the high demand, the consumption of oil products continues to grow. World Finance has turned towards financing renewable energies, and this does not facilitate the creation of new refineries. Therefore, it is essential to increase the capacity and efficiency of existing refineries, improve their environmental impact, and adapt them to new feedstocks and fuel quality specifications.

In this scenario, Prometheus works to optimise the efficiency and profitability of refineries based on its experience in the oil process and software solutions. How? By carefully analysing the refinery’s process conditions and, if necessary, proposing minor plant modifications with a minimal financial impact.

Prometheus’ software helps find the best combination of technical parameters and market strategies that maximise profitability for process plants and logistics in feedstock selection and feasibility studies for new plants and products.

The software’s ease of use makes it possible to train in its use and thus involve plant technicians, building up a shared ‘technical-economic’ mentality that brings efficiency.