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Efficient, Clean, and Friendly Refining: for a better planet.

We are inspired by the principles of civil economy and pay special attention to the development of relational assets within and outside society. In our experience, this philosophy contributes to consolidating and establishing long-term client relationships. This attitude made us conceive the Efficient, Clean and Friendly Refining programme (ECF).

Can we imagine efficient, clean and friendly oil refining?

We believe it is possible to improve the efficiency and safety of the refinery and decrease its environmental impact to benefit the workers and the communities living near its plants.

However, knowing what to do does not guarantee the application of the most sustainable procedures: it is crucial to involve the technical staff responsible for the change.

For this purpose, Prometheus suggests economic incentives for all personnel, actions to improve efficiency and environmental impact and construction of social structures in the surrounding area.

All this can be financed by part of the additional revenues resulting from the realised performance improvements. 

The Prometheus software enables the assessment of the economic value of the improvements; it is possible to draw up an incentive contract between the refinery and the shareholders for an “Efficient, Clean and Friendly” refining, improving the efficiency, environmental impact and social image of the company.

Get in touch with us to discuss how this suggestion fits your organisation.