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Customer: Agence Nationale Pour La Maîtrise De L’Energie (ANME)
Task: STIR Refinery Configuration Study
End User: ANME, STIR Refinery
Location: Tunisia
Period: 2019 – 2021

The Tunisian government decided to entrust a 360 degrees study focused on the energy sector to identify strategies to supply the country’s energy demand at the horizon 2030-2040.
Prometheus was the project consortium member studying petroleum products production and supply topics.

The terms of reference foresaw two main activities:
• Pre-feasibility study: comparison of alternative refining capacities and processing schemes with crude oils available in the Mediterranean area.
• Feasibility study: an in-depth analysis of the selected configuration with the selected Crude oils.

Prometheus conducted a refinery configuration study to define the best possible processing arrangement fitting the country’s demand in this context. For this purpose, we evaluated the performance and the cost of nine alternative schemes with nine crude oils within the pre-feasibility study after delivering a market study and an insight into the possible alternatives to satisfy the local demand for oil products.
Based on these results, the client selected a scheme and three crude oils for the advanced study.
In cooperation with relevant technology licensors in this framework, Prometheus deepened the project regarding operations, logistics, energy consumption, investments, safety and environmental impact.
Prometheus realised this study using its proprietary software tools, SIMRAF (LP Refinery Optimisation with plant Simulators) and CUTS (Crude oil characterisation tool).

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