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North Africa Refineries Optimisation

Customer: Italian Ministry of Productive Activities / EGPC
Task: Production optimisation and management training
End User: EGPC Refining System
Location: Egypt (Mainly), Tunisia, Libya, Morocco
Period: 2002- 2004

A project partially financed by the Italian Government aimed at optimising the Refining industry in North Africa. Most of the activities have been realised for the EGPC refineries. Prometheus developed an optimisation model for each refinery and used it to highlight the potential improvements achievable with different operative conditions.

Finally, Prometheus developed an overall model representing the Egyptian downstream sector (including logistics).

The executed studies highlighted the following improvement potential:

  • SOPC (Suez) → 38.4 Million USD/Year
  • NPC (Suez) → 15.2 Million USD/Year
  • ARPC (Alexandria) → 10.4 Million USD/Year
  • APC (Alexandria) → 10.7 Million USD/Year
  • CORC (Cairo) → 2.3 Million USD/Year + Debottleneck 15%
  • CORC (Tanta) → 2.3 Million USD/Year
  • ASORC (Asyut) → 12.5 Million USD/Year
  • EGPC overall system → 120 Million USD/Year

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