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IES Software

Customer: Italiana Energia e Servizi
Task: Software
End User: IES Refinery
Location: Mantova (Italy)
Period: 1995 – 2013

In the framework of the long-term cooperation agreement with IES, Prometheus delivered the following software tools:

  • CUTS Crude Characterisation Software (1995-2013): Construction and maintenance of crude oil characterisation database helpful in providing data to run refinery scheduling and planning tasks.
  • SIMRAF Refinery Optimisation LP Tool (1995-2008): Refinery Techno-Economic model used within the planning department to select feedstock and define the best operative conditions for unit operation.
  • PROLAV Wide Refinery Simulation Model (1998-2013): A simulation model of the refinery processing operation used within the scheduling department for various producing instructions of the refinery managers accounting for the status of refinery tanks. The model links the refinery LIMS and DCS to update tank data.
  • OTTMIX Blending Optimiser (2000-2006): Linear Programming Blending optimisation model supporting blending operation scheduling, providing the most economic blending recipes based on the actual intermediate products available in the refinery.
  • CDU.SCHED Crude Unit Scheduler (1998-2006): Simulation model that defines the target operating conditions for a Crude Distillation Unit given the processed crude oil mixture.

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