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IES Process

Customer: Italiana Energia e Servizi
Task: Process Studies
End User: IES Refinery
Location: Mantova (Italy)
Period: 1996 – 2000

In the framework of the long-term cooperation agreement with IES, Prometheus delivered the following process design studies:

  • Revamping of MS block (1996): Naphtha splitter side cut (benzene precursors removal), Isomerate Gasoline De-isohexaniser, PENEX Hydrogen Once Trough (jointly with UOP), Thermal integration of Gasoline Units.
  • Revamping Utilities – Phase 1 (1997): Thermal integration of Vacuum, Thermal Cracking and Visbreaking units, Powering of district heating to 17MKcal/h.
  • Revamping Utilities – Phase 2 (1997): CDU retrofit and thermal integration of Topping and Vacuum Units through Hot Oil Circuit, Further district heating powering, Low and Mid Pressure Steam production/consumption reduction.
  • CDU Revamping (1998): Pre-heat train modifications to increase cycle length (critical exchangers maintenance in operation), Desalter control with heavy crudes, Furnace APH efficiency improvement.
  • Deisohexaniser Column Reboiler (2000): Process modifications required to use District Heating Water as Heating Media in summer.
  • HDS1 Unit Revamp (2000): Upgrade to the higher operating temperatures allowed by new generation HDS catalysts maintaining actual furnace capacity.

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