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IES Feasibility

Customer: Italiana Energia e Servizi
Task: Feasibility Studies
End User: IES Refinery
Location: Mantova (Italy)
Period: 1994- 2000

In the mid-nineties, the 2.5 MTY Mantua refinery owner underwent bankruptcy. The new owners started a long-term cooperation with Prometheus to improve the refinery profitability to cope with the difficult financial situation.

Prometheus provided technical assistance, realised feasibility and process studies, and delivered customised software.

Around 2000, because of fuel oil demand restrictions, the owners envisaged shutting down the refinery, and Prometheus conceived process modifications enabling zero fuel oil production.

In 2007 the MOL group purchased the refinery for 800 Million Euros.

For this Client, Prometheus realised the following feasibility studies:

  • Feasibility of short medium-term investments (1994): Residua cycle inversion TOP-VSB-VAC → TOP-VAC-VSB; Energy Conservation, District Heating and Steam Networks optimisation; New Motor Gasoline Specifications(benzene, aromatics).
  • Refinery Utilities Rationalization (1997).
  • Refinery Strategic Revamping (1998): New Diesel Specifications 2000-2005; Production of HDS Revamping base data, Refinery configuration study (MHC, DAO, Cycle Inversion).
  • Zero Fuel Oil Production (2000): prevent refinery shut-down considering the disappearance of the Fuel Oil Market in Italy.

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