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HMEL Project

Customer: HPCL Mittal Energy Ltd
Task: Delivery Of Scheduling Software
End User: HMEL Guru Gobind Singh Refinery
Location: Bathinda (India)
Period: 2018- 2023

Delivery of a Crude Scheduling Software based on CUTS and PRORAF Proprietary Technology aimed to support the Long Term and Short Term Scheduling of the refinery crude supply system’s logistics assets.
The software automatically simulates the logistic operations (cargoes reception and unloading to maritime deposit, mixing to fit processing constraints, dispatch via pipeline, reception at the refinery site and processing).
Thanks to its specific features, the software improved the internal refinery scheduling processes improving the logistic assets exploitation and increasing overall profitability.
The modelled structure includes a maritime terminal with 14 Crude Oil Tanks, a Pipeline of 1000 Km, a refinery Terminal and a Crude Unit.
After implementing the Crude Scheduling tool, HMEL decided to implement OTTMIX, the DSS tool focused on blending optimisation to support the production scheduling tasks.
Recently HMEL awarded Prometheus for developing a new optimisation tool to schedule the operation of the refinery polymer production facilities.

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