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IES Process

Customer: Italiana Energia e Servizi
Task: Process Studies
End User: IES Refinery
Location: Mantova (Italy)
Period: 1996 – 2000

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Audit STIR

Customer: Société Tunisienne des Industries de Raffinage (STIR)
Task: Energy Audit
End User: STIR Refinery
Location: Bizerte (Tunisia)
Period: 2009- 2011

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Customer: Agence Nationale Pour La Maîtrise De L’Energie (ANME)
Task: STIR Refinery Configuration Study
End User: ANME, STIR Refinery
Location: Tunisia
Period: 2019 – 2021

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HMEL Project

Customer: HPCL Mittal Energy Ltd
Task: Delivery Of Scheduling Software
End User: HMEL Guru Gobind Singh Refinery
Location: Bathinda (India)
Period: 2018- 2023

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Mongol Refinery Project

Customer: Kinetics Technology / Mongol Refinery
Task: Owner’s Engineering Service for Refinery + Pipeline Project
End User: Mongol Refinery Ltd
Location: Sainshand (Mongolia)
Period: 2018- 2023

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